Bryanna and the City

Thursday, April 09, 2009

In the past week I've seen two people walking around Vancouver with surgical face masks on. It makes me wonder, either they know something we don't know, or people in Vancouver are getting very paranoid/germaphobic.


Also, organic almonds are much more expensive (almost 3x more) than ordinary ones. I bought some in the bulk foods section at Safeway the other day and for a second I felt an impulse to write down the non-organic bin #. I did not and ended up paying over ten dollars for a weeks worth of snacking almonds. They don't taste any better than the non-organic ones, FYI.

Since writing about getting a new hair style for 2009, I have not gotten my hair cut or highlighted. It is at the long and unruly stage again. I also have a year's worth of roots. That's like, 6 inches. I am only mildly concerned about this, as I have other more important things to spend my money on these organic almonds.

I am heading to Kamloops for the Easter long weekend tonight on the Greyhound. I wonder how long people will continue to warn me about sitting at the front of the bus to avoid being decapitated?

It took me a few minutes to think of the term decapitated. I thought it started with the letter "c". My thought process went like this: "capacitated"... no..."capitated"... no..."capapitated"... no..."what the f*ck is this word?" I figured it out eventually.

Moving along...

I think my dental hygienist thinks that I'm bulimic. Apparently, my teeth show signs of frequent puking. I haven't thrown up since last summer when I drank three gin martinis. I puked up green olives. I haven't had a gin martini since.

Speaking of puke, the cute little neighborhood cat is back. She puked up green grass on my carpet the other day and ever since I've been hesitant about letting her back in. I mean, if I wanted to clean up cat puke, I'd have a cat of my own. Right? Right. She is super cute though, minus the puking incident.

"Discretionary" holidays are annoying. Either give us the day off, or make us come in. I don't want to feel like a slacker if I take it off and I also don't want to feel like a martyr if I come in. Hmm...yes, annoying.

I need to get out of my cell phone contract. Out of the many, many things that I need to do in the next 8 weeks, this is the one that is giving me the most anxiety. I'll let you know how Bell vs. Bryanna goes.

Writing short random things about nothing is much easier than writing something with any substance.