Bryanna and the City

Monday, April 18, 2005

Fo' Shizzle!

It looks as though I start my new job tomorrow... much for taking some time off.

I went for my dentist appointment this afternoon and when I came back, my boss from my first Co-op position last summer phoned me and offered me a job. He asked if I could come in tomorrow at nine and I was like fo' shizzle....(I actually could say that to him, he's a pretty funny guy). The first thing he said to me when I aswered the phone was "where the hell have you been?".

I'm grateful not to have to "hit the pavement", but part of me wishes I could have taken a little more time off (I might negotiate this tomorrow).

Oh and I won't be able to blog on this job because a. I won't have my own computer and b. it's a non-profit society and that just wouldn't seem right....