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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Christmas 2004 Posted by Hello

This is me and my super sisters this past Christmas. You may be wondering, "what's up with the matching PJ's?" Well, it's been a family tradition of ours that every year we get to open two presents from our parents on Christmas Eve. One is always a pair of flannel PJ's (not always matching, but prevent fighting, biting, scratching, etc.) and the other is a Christmas tree ornament. We've been doing this for longer than I can remember and another part of the tradition is posing for pictures in our new PJ', this was the first year that we posed in a couple positions, but traditionally we're in a "train position"...yup..we're all in our 20's and we STILL do this dorky pose. I can just imagine us in 60 years...trying to straddle eachother and getting stuck on the floor (which works out fine for me because as the youngest I have no one to straddle). However, no matter how dorky this tradition may seem, I always look forward to it every Christmas Eve...miss you SOS & SMS!!

BTW...we all come from the same egg & sperm (well, not exactly the know what I mean)...just in case you were wondering.