Bryanna and the City

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Because I could never say no to Sean...

Here are my answers to the questions passed onto me by Sean. I had an easier time with this one than the music one...and to the women that I passed it onto, don't hate me because I chose you for a good reason.

You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be?

Do we have to start with a question that makes me look stupid?
Man! I read this such a long time ago... grade 9 I think it was. All I remember is that the books get burned, so I don't think I would actually want to be a book...sorry, lame answer. Next question please.

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Umm, yeah, only like every male hero/protagonist in every novel I've ever read, but to give you something more specific, I would have to say that Rhett, as in Mr. Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind is probably the hottest male fictional character out there (for me anyways). And it doesn't hurt that Clark Gable plays him in the movie version. And no, I am no lady...

The last book you bought is:

I love going to second hand book stores. They usually have some great deals if you buy a lot of books at one time. So the last time I went I picked up two books by Susan Vreeland: The Girl in Hyacinth Blue and The Passion of Artemisia. I also got an old copy of Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind, a disturbing novel entitled Suicide Blonde and a couple works by Rebecca Wells.

The last book you read:

Susan Vreeland's The Passion of Artemisia. I absolutely loved this book. I'm too lazy to summarize it, so here is what this site had to say about it:

Recently rediscovered by art historians, and one of the few female post-Renaissance painters to achieve fame during her own era, Artemisia Gentileschi led a remarkably "modern" life. Susan Vreeland tells Artemisia's captivating story, beginning with her public humiliation in a rape trial at the age of eighteen, and continuing through her father's betrayal, her marriage of convenience, motherhood, and growing fame as an artist. Set against the glorious backdrops of Rome, Florence, Genoa, and Naples, inhabited by historical characters such as Galileo and Cosimo de' Medici II, and filled with rich details about life as a seventeenth-century painter, Vreeland creates an inspiring story about one woman's lifelong struggle to reconcile career and family, passion and genius.

I highly recommend this novel; it had me captivated for two days.

What are you currently reading?

Nothing, I have no excuse. It just takes me a while to start a new novel after I've read one that I enjoyed so much.

Five books you would take to a deserted island...and why?

Oh man, this is a hard one.

1. The Bible. It has everything you could ever want in a great book: love, lust, betrayal, triumph and the Old Testament was kind of that I like that...
2. An Archie Comic. Don't laugh!I love Archie. Whenever I'm stressed or I can't sleep I pull out an old Archie comic from my childhood and in no time I'm calm and relaxed. And once I've read it a couple million times, I won't feel badly about using it for toilet paper.
3. Gone With the Wind. For, uh, obvious reasons...
4. Norton's Anthology of English Literature. First of all I stole this one from Sean and second of all, it's kind of like cheating, I mean it may be one book, but it has so many works in it..however, like I said before I am no lady and I don't mind cheating..just a little. Also, I wouldn't feel badly about ripping 'some' of the literature out that I was tortured to memorize in second year English to wipe my you-know-what with.
5. One of the novels from my chidlhood, not sure which one yet. It would be terribly hard to have to choose, so I'm not going to because this is my blog and I'll do what I want.

Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

Melina, Jackie and Alexandrialeigh because they're awesome, intelligent women and I know I would enjoy their answers.